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kadian peynado

I specialize in providing you with psychotherapy, stability and clarity that enables you to live a more fulfilling life. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS). I look forward to helping you enrich your life.

The Truth About Psychotherapy

the truth about psychotherapy quick guide book

Get exclusive insights and a better understanding of the therapeutic process of Psychotherapy with my quick guide book The Truth About Psychotherapy.


“Psychotherapy is often used to assist others with gaining mental stability. However, due to stigma and other factors, some people are not able to gain understanding of their triggers or learn ways to cope with their underlying stressors.”

end the stigma

End the Stigma

  Stigma doesn’t just come from others. You may mistakenly believe that your concerns are a sign of personal weakness or that you should be able to control it without help. I can help you with gaining insight on your mental health needs.  By having a better understanding of your mental health needs you can increase your self-esteem and overcome destructive self-judgment.

know your triggers

Know Your Triggers

Living with triggers that spark mental health concerns can be scary.  However, if you can identify your triggers, you’re more likely to come up with a plan to help you cope with your triggers.. It’s critical to work with a psychotherapist so that you can gain appropriate coping skills to address your triggers.

Know your stressors

Know Your Stressors

Let’s start with identifying your sources of stress and developing strategies to manage them. One way to do this is to make a list of the situations, concerns or challenges that trigger your stress response. Take a moment to write down some of the top issues you’re facing right now. You’ll notice that some of your stressors are events that happen to you while others seem to originate from within.


your mental stability is my specialty 

Having mental stability gives you the opportunity to live a balanced life. Not having the right tools can hinder you on your journey in life. Let me help you gain clarity and formulate effective ways to manage your life stressors.

From MY Clients

“Kadian is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I truly feel empowered to take control of my life and live out my dreams.”

Sarah J.

“I’ve overcome my deepest fears and I feel like I can breathe. My thoughts are clearer now and I can focus on what truly matters to me.”

Natasha C.

 “I no longer feel insecure about expressing and showing my feelings. I feel like a new person and a tremendous weight has been lifted.”

Anthony H.

“Not only do I see the difference in myself, my family sees the difference in me also. Thank you Kadian!”

Timothy A.


Let’s end the stigma around psychotherapy 

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